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Our Minds Matter (OMM) is a school-based, student led suicide prevention club. Currently there are more than 85+ OMM clubs, mostly in area high schools throughout Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland. 

Based on recent research, OMM has proven to:

* reduce stigma

* increase help-seeking behaviors,

* promote social connectedness, and

* encourage self-care and healthy habits. 

OMM employs staff to guide each school 

through the process of starting a club, provide

materials and resources to facilitate OMM meetings, and provide phone support and technical assistance as needed. Check out the program at 

In addition to being a powerful suicide prevention tool for young adults, OMM is offered free of charge to high schools. Funding for the program in Montgomery County, Maryland  is provided by The Devon C. Rubenstein Foundation. 

In the Spotlight

Check out the story about OMM & DCRF on NBC's special segment: 

Harris' Heroes

Jeanne  McCormack, School Psychologist 

Quince Orchard High School/Gaithersburg, MD

Recipient of 2019 Maryland State

School Psychologist of the Year Award

   I wanted to just reiterate again what a wonderful experience it has been working with Our Minds Matters at QO! The program manager, Laura Beth is truly amazing and provides you with EVERY resource you could possibly need to start the club and help it thrive! I am so excited to see what QO does with the club next year and hope that we get a club at EVERY High School in MCPS so we can coordinate leadership efforts across the county to spread awareness, build coping skills, and break the stigma around mental illness together . . . 

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