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The Devon C. Rubenstein Foundation, Inc. is an exempt organization

as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 83-2564580.


We would also like to recognize the Rosecrans Family – Bob, Heather, Peter and Ashley – as Angels also.  While grieving the painful loss of their beloved son, brother, and brother-in-law, they used  their tragedy for good  by designating DCRF as the charity for people to donate in Robbie’s memory. Their concern for the well-being of others, especially at a time when they are dealing with their own profound sadness, illustrates their incredible compassion, thoughtfulness and charitable nature – all qualities which they bestowed on their beloved son, Robbie.


We are humbled and incredibly grateful for their gesture of kindness.  It will always be remembered and appreciated.  


Robbie was taken away too soon. His memory will live on through the kindness of his friends and family who have given so generously to honor the memory of Robbie Rosecrans 

Ables, Dianne and Waylan

Andrade, Amanda M. and Julio

Baker, Chris

Beyers, Christine M. 

Binder, Leslie and Steven

Blink, Carla J. 

Brecher, Allan

Bredensteiner, Mary Beth

Bremner, Roy

Breslawec, Halyn and Arthur Levine

Callear, Amy

Cartagena, Nathaniel D. 

Chiang, Ryan

Cobaugh, Daniel J. 

Colen, James

Corrigan, Brian

Coskun, Yaman

Creane, Susan

De Jong, David S.

Dery, Paul E.

Driscoll, David C.

Dubinsky, Lori

Eakes, Samantha, Sara and Garey

Enright, Margaret M.

Faller, Morton A. 

Fink, Eric  Susan and David

Fisher, Ben and Lisa

Fishman, Michelle and Jeremy

Friedman, Debra

Gammarino Family

Garchik, Jessica

Godstrey, Steven

Gold, Michael and Robin

Greenberg, Art and Leslie

Greenleaf Health Inc.

Groppi, Julie

Haberman, Barry

Halem, Margie and Mitch

Hankins, Paul

Harris, Richard

Harrison, Richard

Hawkins, Bruce

Heberlein, John

Hilscher, Sean

Hofer, Kristi

Imirie, Cheryl

Innis, Bob and Marilyn

Jacob, Andrea

John R. Heberlein

Kaplan, Gayle and Yale

Kim, Peter

Krakower, Daniel and Julie

Leone, Jesse

Lesser, Bobbie and Ira

Levine, Alan and Margery 

Lieber, Gary and Roseanne

Lifshin, Lisa

Mahaney, Lynnae

Mahoney, Mark G. 

Mahoney, Patti, Dan and Dan

Marhamati, Shawn

Maroyka, Eric M. 

Matheus, Maritza E.

McAuliffe, Karyn & Steve 

McCleskey, Diane

McCoy Family

McGarry, Rachel

McIntires Family

McManus, Tyler

Mehr, Susan

Mitchell, Charles & Sherrie

Mitchell, Luke T.

Mohassel, Maryam R. 

Murr, Peter

Musher, Joseph S.

Niedelman, Steven

O'Neil, Linda

Pawlicki, Frank and Kathleen

Payne, Ross and Sylvia

Plishker, R. A.

Rabin, Scott and Kara Jane

Rhoades, Elsie Fae

Riddle, Margaret

Roberts, Josh

Robertson, Bruce

Romanell, Lawrence J. 

Ronan, Patrick and Family

Rosenberg, Jack

Rowe, Catherine

Rubin, Nancy

Rubloff, Steven

Ryczek, Beverly

Rzepka, Beverly

Schloss, Jeffrey and Wendy

Schultz, Daniel

Sheldon, Albert T.

Shermet, Dottie and Glaiston Chen

Silverman, Lori

Snyder, Michelle

Sonntag, Kathleen

Spivok, Jordan M. 

Stark, Robert

Streilein, Robin

Tepper, Judy

Thompson, Stacey

Tiedmann, Paula

Tsakaris, Tina Marie

Vanderpool, Hannah

Webb, Julie

Weber, Jeffrey

Weiss, Joan and David

Wilson, Dave

Mark & Nancy Weinberger

     Family Foundation

Witkop, Lois

Yaklyvich, Tracy

Zimmerman, Glenn

Zimmerman, Taryn

Robbie Rosecrans

On Friday, December 20, 2019, the world lost a dear friend but gained an angel. 


Robbie was a kind and gentle soul who loved and was loved by his friends and family. The sparkle in his eye and wide, bright smile lit up any room he was in. Those that knew him will remember his generosity in giving his time to make others feel their worth. He did anything he could to improve the life of a child, and possessed that special quality of wanting to help others. 


Robbie loved children and being around young people. His free time was often spent helping others – he assisted in coaching the Wootton Baseball Team - which brought him so much joy.  He used his love of sports to help inspire players to achieve their goals and reach their potential. His commitment to the team was such that it was hard to tell who loved Robbie more, the kids or the coaches. 

Robbie was also supportive of DCRF.  He often made himself available to help out when he could, participating in our first fundraising event, donating his time to assure its success, and encouraging others to get involved.  We will be forever grateful for his devotion to DCRF and its mission. 

We will miss his kind heart, beautiful spirit and intrinsic good nature. Those who knew him were blessed to have known a soul as kind as Robbie’s.

Robbie, Bob and Peter Rosecrans

Robbie & Teddy Roosevelt