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Howard Ticker


DCRF would like to recognize Howard Ticker as a Devon’s Angel. 


Since DCRF began, Howard has been one of the Foundation’s biggest supporters.  


Giving comes naturally to Howard.  When DCRF needs help with auction items, tickets to a sporting event or setting up a mental health awareness basketball or football game, Howard is the first to offer. His passion for wanting to give back to the community is part of his nature. Howard recognizes the value and importance of mental health and wellness and for that we are immensely thankful.


As Director of the Maryland Fan Relationship Management Center, the Director of Sales & Services for University of Maryland Athletics and the Regional Director, Sales & Service for The Aspire Group, Inc., Howard has reached out to numerous contacts to assist DCRF in its fundraising efforts. Howard has dedicated so much of his time and resources to support DCRF’s mission of helping save lives through mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


DCRF is incredibly grateful to Howard for generously giving of his time to promote the Foundation and the work we do. We truly appreciate his commitment to DCRF.


Howard will always be part of our DCRF family.


It is our profound honor to make Howard a Devon’s Angel. 

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