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"Devon had so much potential, he just didn't know it. It is our goal to help at-risk teens realize their own potential and self-worth by setting good examples of rising to a seemingly impossible challenge and by raising desperately needed funds for OMM, a powerful and proven suicide prevention program.

Heath Saffer,

Adventurer & Activist

Heath Saffer & Omar Baloch are not only riding to honor the memory of their childhood friend but to help fulfill Devon's legacy.


On April 15th, Heath & Omar will begin their 4,300 mile journey across the country, muscling through whatever the elements throw at them.  They hope their example of sheer grit and determination will inspire teens across the country who face unimaginable challenges

to never give up

Hear Heath and Omar's "why" below.

Omar Baloch

Co-Adventurer & Activist

100% of the proceeds will fund

OMM programs in the DMV & beyond. 




Devon  was a fixture in my life from the start. We were the curly-haired brothers!

We were always co-adventurers & partners in crime.

Together, we grew from kids to teens... and from teens to young adults.

Our years of experiences were enough to fuel a bond for a lifetime.

 I believe friendships like ours are rare; never to be taken for granted.

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