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Thanks to the generosity of the Meltzer Family:

Alan, Amy, Jennifer, Edward, Elizabeth, Max, Tai, Mark & Kerry,

DCRF awards an annual $12,000 Educational Scholarship

- The Laurence M. Meltzer Scholarship -

in memory of their brother/uncle who died by suicide in 2008,


DCRF is pleased to announce Alanna Yang as the 2024 recipient of the Laurence M. Meltzer Scholarship. The Meltzer Scholarship was created to recognize a Montgomery County public high school senior who actively participated in their school’s Our Minds Matter (“OMM”) program and demonstrated outstanding efforts in promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Alanna was chosen for her efforts in being an advocate for acceptance, awareness and education of mental wellness. Allan's passion in wanting to help others led her to create a supportive environment and safe space within her community at Richard Montgomery High School so students could access and utilize the many resources available when they are in crisis and need support.  Alanna showed great initiative, creativity and dedication by hosting activities that helped students manage their stress in healthy ways.

Allana saw the value in helping students learn how to improve their mental health and prevent suicide. It is because of her dedication and commitment to mental wellness that Alanna was chosen as the 2024 winner of the Laurence M. Meltzer Scholarship.

Congratulations Alanna!


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